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Over 30?

You are worthy of support no matter your age or life stage.

You have read that my counselling focus is for youth and young adults, does this mean you are not eligible? No!

If you are in need of support and my services or approach feels right for you, I would be happy to help.
I have experience in working with people of all ages and I can provide the same level of empathy, guidance and compassionate care to you, as I would to any of my younger clientele.

Please keep in mind that my therapy space is designed to accommodate young people, so there will be therapy toys and play items within the counselling room.
You are absolutely welcome to play with them during your session if you desire.

How to know if I am the right fit for you

If you are reading this, it probably means that something about my webpage feels right for you so far.
To know more about my style and approach, head over to my About Me page to read a bit more.

You are also welcome to book an initial session to see if the fit is right before committing to further sessions.

Have Questions?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have during a 15-minute phone consultation. Request one below.