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Counselling Services

Sessions are available on Mondays or Wednesdays; In-person or via video using MS Teams.
Minimal waiting time.
No maximum number of sessions – you decide when to conclude.

Individual Sessions

Counselling for a variety of concerns including but not limited to:
Emotional dysregulation
Suicidal ideation & self-injury
Grief & Loss
Stress/Life changes
Self-esteem and body image
Identity and sexuality
Traumatic events
Parenting (including antenatal & perinatal)

Couple Sessions

Counselling for you and your partner to navigate relationship stressors including:
Parenting Styles
Conflict Resolution
Stress/Life Changes
Trust & Respect

Family Sessions

Counselling for you and your immediate family to work through difficulties including:
Conflict Resolution
Behavioural issues
Stress/Life Changes
Finding a mutual understanding of ways to support the person in therapy

Play Therapy

Sessions for children to heal through play.
Using principles from Child-Centered Play Therapy, this is a non-directive approach that is developmentally appropriate for younger clients.

Play Therapy understands that play is the natural language of children and that it helps them to process their thoughts and emotions without the need of words.
This approach allows your child to discharge emotions or energy, explore their world and themselves in relation to others, develop a sense of mastery,
increase confidence, learn pro-social skills and experiment with boundaries.
It is a gentle approach that gives your child a safe space to gradually process and heal as well as nurturing their inner growth and development.

Have Questions?

Request a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss any questions you may have and find out if counselling is right for you.