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Sometimes hope needs
a little nurturing

Counselling for children, adolescents, and young adults (up to 30 years old).
Supporting you to confidently overcome any challenge and develop
strong foundations for your future years.

If you or someone you love are struggling to cope, feeling lost, and needing help – I am here for you.

Life can often be overwhelming for many reasons, and when things feel too much you might feel hopeless that things will ever get better. If you have tried everything to fix the problem and are still feeling the same way, it can feel disheartening and make you want to give up.

In these moments, having counselling support can empower you to see things from a new perspective or teach you different ways of coping that you might not have known before. Sometimes even just having the space to talk about your problems with someone who listens without judgement, can provide relief from stress and overwhelm.

At Growing Hope Counselling I will listen to you and offer you nurturing support so that you feel comfortable exploring your worries or difficult experiences, knowing that you are being heard and cared for.

Counselling Approach

I believe that you deserve to live the life you wish for and that you have the ability to fulfil your dreams.

That is why counselling sessions at Growing Hope Counselling use a holistic and person-centered approach to help you to navigate challenges, empower you to find your own answers, develop new strategies, make positive changes, and enhance your sense of self. From this support it is hoped that you will be able to recognise your potential, return to pursuing your dreams feeling hopeful for the future and can live with increased compassion for yourself and your journey.


“Kiara provides an open, relaxed environment to discuss any and all issues in my life that makes me feel comfortable, heard and most importantly supported.
Finding her was the best thing I could have done for my overall mental health and I’m eternally grateful for the value she adds and space she holds for me. Highly recommend her services to anyone”

K.S (Female, 30). Nov, 2022

“…spoke highly of her first session and she was very comfortable to share things with you. She is looking forward to the next!”


“You have been so helpful. She has really enjoyed coming and having the support.”


“Today I have my therapy session
Kiara, my therapist. Emotions, nice, kind, care, brave and safe.
The best therapist in the world”

O.K (FEMALE, 8). AUG, 2023

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